1978 – 1985

Daniel Greene, N.A.  Studio Hill Farms Studio Hill Farm, Studio Assistant, North Salem, NY

1977 – 1979

Art Students League NYC with Daniel Greene, Dr. Robert Beverly Hale, Raymond Goodbred, and John Groth

1976 – Graduated Ringling School of Art and Design, Sarasota, Fla.

Continuing education:

2014 – Wildacres Retreat Plein Air Painting Workshop with Ringling School of Art and Design - Brook Olivares-Caloiaro,

Little Switzerland, NC

2014 - Plein Air Workshop, 2nd Annual Artfields, with William McCullough, Lake City SC

1994- Plein Air Painting with Michael Burban, Art Students League, NYC workshop in Oaxaca, Mexico

1979 – Hosted and lead Plein Air painting workshops with William McCullough, Linville, NC

1976 - 1978 Plein Air Painting with William McCullough Linville, NC


In the Press

“Frances Hairfield’s paintings are rich in color, detail and soul… She sees with clarity and reveals a world of beauty and spirit in her work."

 Maria Henson – Editor

The Sacramento Bee

 Sacramento, CA      

“Her subjects are all portrayed with love. She loves them and gets the viewer to love them too… Hairfield’s portraits come from the heart. Her self-portrait holding the paintbrush, with her hand on her hip and the words floating overhead, I can’t imagine anyone seeing the portrait, not falling in love. So beguiling, so sensuous, so intelligent, with a sharp wit and an attractive humor, strong and weak alike. Original. Like all beings, perfect, but not so perfect. She should name it Venus. It fits the genre”

  Alex Hallmark – Sculpture

  Blowing Rock, NC


“Frances’ portraits exhibit fine color relationships and composition. They glow with a deep expression of the individuals unique spirit.”

Kate Worm – Artist

Hickory Museum of Art


“ She cares deeply for people. She has integrity. It shows in her paintings. She’s a catalyst for the Arts. The closing of Frances Hairfield’s Gallery, Alsans Studio was a giant step backwards for Downtown Morganton and for the Arts.

Deane Love – Artist

Blue Ridge Conservation Center   

Morganton, NC


Regarding Frances Hairfield’s painting “Etta On Velvet”:” COMMA has had the opportunity to display a wonderful portrait of Etta Baker in the gallery. The painting completely captures not only the appearance but also the spirit of the “Queen of the Piedmont Blues”.”  

 Bill Wilson – Director COMMA

City of Morganton


  Morganton Artist, Frances Hairfield was among the artists who assisted during the painting of Ben Long’s frescos in Morganton and at Crossnore School. She is best known for her portraits but also paints landscapes and still life. “We are excited about representing Ms.Hairfield at the Crossnore School Gallery, and we look forward to showing her most recent paintings at this weeks event.                                                               

 Lynn Mozer                                                         




Select Clients

  • Appalachian University of North Carolina- Boone, NC
  • Pepsi-Cola Distributing of Hickory, NC
  • Bank of America -Mr. Sam Ramsey - Charlotte, NC
  • Linville Golf Club –Linville, NC
  • Catawba Valley Medical Center, Hickory, NC
  • Mission Hospital - Canton, NC
  • Grace Healthcare Systems -Morganton, NC
  • Morganton Federal Savings and Loan -Morganton, NC
  • Judge Sam J Ervin III – Washington, DC & Morganton, NC
  • Jim Morton – Linville, NC
  • John Pottle – Southern Pines, NC
  • Robert and Hilda Bell, Chapel Hill, NC & Linville NC
  • Dr Kenneth Tanner –Linville, NC
  • Carol Dabbs – Blowing Rock & Pinehurst, NC
  • Judge Robert F and Mary Chapman – Linville, NC
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Cordy Chapman – Linville, NC
  • Dr SS Lee – Morganton, NC
  • Dr and Mrs Catherine Arney – Morganton, NC
  • Dr. Ned and Mrs  Mary Adair Phifer – Blowing Rock, NC
  • Dr Phyllis Crain – Crossnore School – Crossnore, NC
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ray and Sally Edwards – Linville, NC
  • Dr and Dr Kenneth Rothfield -  Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
  • Ann Cousins – Atlanta, Ga & Linville, NC
  • J Scott Cramer, Winston Sam & Linville, NC
  • Alan T Dickson –Charlotte, NC & Linville, NC
  • Juan G. Toro- Rico – Miami.Fla, Linville, NC & Asheville, NC
  • Dennis Ambrogi – Asheville, NC
  • Dr Steven E Rostan – Southern Pines & Linville, NC
  • Katy Shoemaker – Charlotte & Linville, NC
  • David and Margaret Wiley Jr.  -Nashville, Tenn & Linville, NC
  • Jody Williams – Tulsa, Oklahoma & Linville, NC
  • Mr. and Mrs. Eric H and Lynn Mozer – Charlotte, NC & Linville, NC
  • Edward and Rebecca Phifer III – Morganton, NC
  • Alice Glover Inge – Charlotte, NC & Linville, NC
  • Mrs. James Eleanor Martin – Gastonia, NC & Linville, NC
  • Mr. Edward and Jeanette Chapman – Spartanburg, SC
  • Tom Barnhardt – Little Switzerland, NC and Linville, NC
  • Rebecca Powell – Linville, NC
  • Estelle McKee –Ithaca, NY
  • Hugh and Ann Morgan, Birmingham, Alabama & Linville, NC
  • Mr and Mrs. C Geitner –Hickory, NC
  • Ms Anne Coffey Brawley – Greensboro, NC
  • Maria Henson – Austin, Texas
  • Dr Keith and Kim Smith – Morganton, NC
  • Maria Henson – Sacramento, California
  • Dr. SR and Amy Evans III – Morganton, NC
  • Don and Susan Haugen – Morganton, NC
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Martin – Morganton, NC
  • Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cantrell – Charlotte, NC
  • Betty Hurst – Marshall, NC
  • Steve Davidowski – Marshall, NC
  • Mr Steve and Joanna Young –Morganton, NC
  • Ben and Libba Belton – Morganton, NC
  • Mr David and Beth Conley – Morganton, NC
  • Dr Patti M Kirchoff – Morganton, NC
  • Dr Phil Howerton –Morganton, NC
  • Mr. Robert and Mary Marcia Salsbury – Morganton, NC
  • Ms. Grace Disanto – Morganton, NC
  • Dr Kenneth and Rhonda Bonfield – Morganton, NC
  • Mrs. HM Patton –Morganton, NC
  • Mr. RM Fullenwider – Morganton, NC
  • Dr. J Iverson Riddle –Morganton, NC
  • Mr. Grady Pitts –Attico, NC
  • Mr. Spencer and Nancy Sharp –Kernersville, NC
  • Mayor Mel Cohen – Morganton, NC
  • Scott and Tara Conrad – Morganton, NC
  • Mr. James and Sunny Brown – Morganton, NC
  • Tom and Karin McDaniel – Morganton, NC
  • Linda Croom – Morganton, NC
  • Hoyt and Sandy Saunders – Morganton NC
  • Barry Stock – Morganton, NC
  • David Tenery - Morganton, NC
  • Steve Metcalf – Spindale, NC
  • Dr. Winker- Rutherforton, NC
  • Ann Couture –Gastonia, NC
  • Mark Bodnar – Atlanta, Georgia
  • Bill and Kristin Steiner – Morganton, NC
  • Rebecca Lytle, Morganton, NC
  • Dillard Henderson –Morganton, NC